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    1. 1.1 Land Acknowledgment

    2. 1.2 Welcome to the Aga Khan Museum

    3. 1.3 Course Overview

    4. 1.4 Your Instructors

    5. 1.5 Copyright Statement

    6. 1.6 Syria: A Millennial Multicultural History

    7. Image Sources

    1. 2.1 Architecture of Damascus

    2. 2.1.1 Monuments of Damascus

    3. 2.1.2 The Great Mosque of Damascus

    4. 2.1.3 Houses of Damascus

    5. 2.1.4 Damascene Panels of the Aga Khan Museum

    6. 2.2 Arts and Culture in Damascus

    7. 2.2.1 Contemporary Art in Damascus

    8. 2.2.2 Music of Damascus

    9. 2.2.3 Cuisine of Damascus

    1. 3.1 Architecture of Aleppo

    2. 3.1.1 Monuments of Aleppo

    3. 3.1.2 Aleppo through Isfahan

    4. 3.1.3 The Suqs of Aleppo

    5. 3.2 Arts and Culture in Aleppo

    6. 3.2.1 Aleppo Inspired Contemporary Art

    7. 3.2.2 Music of Aleppo

    8. 3.2.3 Cuisine of Aleppo

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    1. Thanks & Great Job!

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Quench your thirst for travel and adventure with an extraordinary new webinar series showcasing the splendour the most storied cities in the Muslim World. Like a MasterClass for the travel-obsessed, Cities of the Islamic World, curated by the Museum’s Dr. Filiz Çakır Phillip and organized in partnership with MIT’s Professor Nasser Rabbat, boasts appearances from world-renowned scholars and artists immersed in the history and culture of the country you’ll visit. Each episode features illuminating talks about the art, architecture, and history of a culturally significant city. What’s more, you will be treated to cooking demonstrations — hosted by Diwan Executive Chef Shen Ousmand — celebrating famous dishes from the region. And you will encounter musical sounds drawing from performance traditions these cities made famous.