Course curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Intro (let's leave this unit at the end to edit)
    • About the Course
    • About the Instructors, Participating Musicians and Scholars
    • About the Aga Khan Museum
  • 2
    Draft Videos
    • Day 1 Opening
    • Day 2 Demonstration
    • Day 3 Demonstration
  • 3
    Entering The World Of Raga, Unit 1
    • A short performance to set the stage for what is to come
    • About this course — what we'll be covering and how we're covering it
    • Hindustani music in relation to other world genres
    • The central role of the drone
    • What is a raga (I)
    • What is a raga? (II)
    • Two Basic Principles that will make your listening better
    • The basic structure of a khyal song
    • Self-assessment for Two Basic Principles and the Core Structure of a Khyal Song
    • Daad: being a responsive audience member
    • Self-Assessment exercise for daad
    • Short performance with more detailed analysis
    • Self-reflection quiz for the Short performance of Bhoopali
  • 4
    Entering The World Of Raga, Unit 2
    • Digging deeper: a short performance of Raga Bhairav
    • Learning more about song texts (I)
    • About basic repertoire — Bhoopali, Bhairav, and Yaman
    • A Short Performance of Raga Yaman
    • Melodic and Kinesthetic Gesture (I)
    • Hindustani Rhythm (I) — On the nature of rhythmic cycles
    • Self-assessment on Rhythmic Cycles (I)
    • The Sargam Syllables
  • 5
    Entering The World of Raga, Unit 3: Some Pentatonic Ragas
    • About Unit 3 — Pentatonic Ragas, Hindustani musical pedagogy, and more!
    • Pentatonic Raga: Malkauns
    • Pentatonic Raga: Kalavati
    • Pentatonic Raga: Hamsdhwani
    • The Tarana — Multiple origin myths
    • Pentatonic raga: Shivaranjani
    • Khyal pedagogy
  • 6
    Entering the World Of Raga, Unit 4: Raga Chalan and the implications of "rules of motion" / Expansion and contraction of time
    • What we'll be covering in Unit 4
    • An Analogy: A Raga Is A Dish
    • Raga Bihag
    • Raga Bhimpalasi
    • Raga Bageshri
    • Raga Jaunpuri
    • Same Scale, different raga
    • Raga analogies: architecture
    • Varying Melodic Motion
    • song style emphasizing text interpretation...
  • 7
    Unit 6: abd
    • What To Expect In Unit 5
    • Recipe For a Raga, Part 1
    • Recipe For a Raga, Part 2
    • Part 2: Hindustani music pedagogy in action — a lesson
    • Different styles of improvisation
  • 8
    Unit 7: abc
    • What to Expect in Unit 6
    • Shivkauns: A Compound Raga
    • EDIOT and RTTF — Some new perspectives
    • Vocal and Instrumental Genres
  • 9
    Supplemental Learning Resources (need update)
    • Add a heading here
  • 10
    Discussion Forum (need update)
    • Discussion Forum (monitored by Warren Senders)
  • 11
    End of Course Survey (need update)
    • Your Input Counts
  • 12
    Certificate of Completion (need update)
    • Thanks & Great Job!

Course Introduction

Do you ever gaze upon a breathtaking, centuries-old work of art and wonder to yourself, “How did they do that?”

Enthralling answers await in Studio Sessions, an innovative new online education series presented by the Aga Khan Museum. With each learn-at-your-own-pace course, you will explore the ideas, materials, and techniques behind masterworks in the Museum’s Collection — and then try a hands-on activity inspired by what you’ve just learned!
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Do you ever gaze upon a breathtaking, centuries-old work of art and wonder to yourself, “How did they do that?”

What people are saying...

Isabel B.

An enjoying online course

Isabel B.

I really enjoyed the detailed process in papermaking, as a long-time admirer of manuscripts. I haven't tried it myself yet, but I hope to spend some time at it in 2022. The course made it accessible.
Valeriejane G

Easy to follow

Valeriejane G

Excellent presentations on how to build marbling designs.
Hafiz P.

Great course

Hafiz P.

This course is a wonderful dive into the history, art, and craftsmanship behind traditional bookmaking. The hands-on and easy-to-do activities allowed me to create my own pieces of art and paired with the knowledgeable guidance and examples from the museum I was able to gain a deeper appreciation of bookmaking in all its forms! Can't wait for the next course.
Munira S.

Great job!

Munira S.

I thoroughly enjoyed the practical demonstration by professional artisans of the various stages in creating an illuminated book, using the original materials and techniques of the period of their production. It has given me an appreciation for the intense labor and skill endowed in the process and admiration for the artisans - the patience and pride they invest in their work. Thank you for this course.