Course curriculum

  • 1
    Unit 1: Introduction and Welcome
    • Course Overview
    • Your Instructor
    • Welcome to the Aga Khan Museum
    • Copyright Statement
  • 2
    Unit 2: What is Islamic Architecture?
  • 3
    Unit 3: Tools for Understanding Islamic Architecture
    • How to read architectural plans
    • 3.1- Check Your Learning
    • The materials and methods of construction
    • 3.2- Check Your Learning
    • Domes, arches, tiles and muqarnas
    • 3.3- Check Your Learning
  • 4
    Unit 4: What is a mosque?
    • The religion of Islam and the functional requirements for prayer
    • 4.1- Check Your Learning
    • Mosques around the world
    • 4.2- Check Your Learning
    • Building in Focus: The Süleymaniye Mosque
    • 4.3- Check Your Learning
  • 5
    Unit 5: What makes a palace?
    • The functional requirements of residential architecture
    • 5.1- Check Your Learning
    • Palaces around the world
    • 5.2- Check Your Learning
    • Building in Focus: The Alhambra
    • 5.3- Check Your Learning
  • 6
    Unit 6: What is a tomb?
    • The functional requirements for burial
    • 6.1- Check Your Learning
    • Tombs around the world
    • 6.2- Check Your Learning
    • Building in Focus: The Taj Mahal
    • 6.3- Check Your Learning
  • 7
    Unit 7: What do you find in a bazaar?
    • The functional requirements for commerce
    • 7.1- Check Your Learning
    • Bazaars and malls around the world
    • 7.2- Check Your Learning
    • Building in Focus: The Qaysariyya Bazaar
    • 7.3- Check Your Learning
  • 8
    Learning Resources
    • Glossary of Terms
    • Recommended Books, Videos and More
    • Course Discussion Forum (monitored by AKM educators)
  • 9
    End of Course Survey
    • Your Input Counts
  • 10
    Certificate of Completion
    • Thanks & Great Job!

What is Islamic Architecture?

Course Objective

Build up your appreciation of the beauty and far-reaching influence of architectural wonders from across the Muslim world. With former Museum Curator Dr. Marika Sardar as your guide, you will explore the history and geography of the Muslim world through the prism of the built landscape. Moving from examples of the early Islamic period to the newest constructions being erected today, Dr. Sardar will outline the basic aspects of each type and examine featured buildings in detail.
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Course Objective

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Ahmad S.

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Beautiful Experience

Zaid P.

It has been an enlightening journey with the Aga Khan Museum and I look forward to attending many more courses and to meet you in person really soon.