Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Islamic Art 101

    2. The Aga Khan Museum and its Collections

    3. Copyright Statement

    1. What is Islamic Art?

    1. Libraries

    2. Philosophy

    3. Astronomy

    4. Medicine

    5. Engineering

    6. Pharmacy

    1. Introduction

    2. Word and Image: A Dynamic Relationship

    3. The Idea of the Word

    4. Image, Reality, and Imagination in Illustrated Manuscripts

    5. Portraits in Word and Image

    1. Introduction

    2. Paper and Parchment

    3. Bookbinding

    4. Glass

    5. Ceramic

    1. What is Islamic Art?

    2. Intercultural Legacies

    3. Word and Image in Islamic Art

    4. The Message of Material

    5. Islamic Art 101 - Course Discussion Forum (monitored and responded by AKM educators)

About this course

  • Free
  • 28 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

What is Islamic Art?

Explore the geography and history of the Muslim world

through the lens of arts and culture

Indulge your curiosity with a fascinating free self-paced online course on the basics of Islamic art. During this self-paced course, you will explore the geography and history of the Muslim world through the lens of arts and culture. With members of the Aga Khan Museum's Curatorial team as your guides, you will examine close-up the materials, techniques, and ideas that have defined Islamic art over the centuries. Islamic Art 101 is open to anyone with an interest in arts and culture. Focusing on objects in the Museum’s Collection, this course will be a treat for people familiar with the Museum as well as art lovers who have yet to visit.

What people are saying...

Great introduction to Islamic arts

Judy M.

A great introduction to Islamic arts. Particularly enjoyed the lecture on ceramics. I will now look at pieces at the museum with a new understanding.

A great introduction to Islamic culture and its ideas on art

Peter K.

I learned much about Islamic customs, architecture, how other cultures impacted them and how to view their art from a religious and historic perspective.

Insightful and educative

Ahou M.

Amazing and very informative course, I enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks and warm regards from Turkey!

Excellent course!

Rahim S.

Learned a lot about how art expressed the Muslim faith and how it inspired various geographies around the world.

Appropriate for a student who has had limited exposure to Islamic Art.

Munira S.

The content of the course is well covered by providing an overview of what the field of Islamic Art encompasses, and then explaining through the three units the richness and variety of materials, form, and styles of both the literary and visual arts and the interpretation of what they represent. The explanation of what knowledge and techniques were acquired from other civilizations and then built upon to developed new scientific/technological discoveries and art forms that expressed the Islamic perspectives of philosophy, practice and lifestyle were fascinating. It highlights the fact that no one civilization can take credit for the state of humanity's progress.

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